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Doing Your HVAC System Right

Choosing the Right HVAC Contractor

When you need heating and cooling replacement or repair services, choosing the right HVAC contractor for the job is the most important part of the process. It can also be the most daunting. If you work with the right company, then the quality of work will reflect that. Sizing, measurement, and design mistakes are the most common. An improperly installed HVAC unit will cost you more money and energy while supplying less comfort. You’ll be looking at a lower lifespan and worse performance sooner than anticipated.

Ask for references from other area homeowners who have been customers recently. If you are hiring for a particular task, such as installation, seek relevant references. Likewise, if you are hiring for the kind of job for which free estimates are generally available, we recommend comparing written estimates from at least three companies in the area.

Any reputable HVAC company will provide its customers with written estimates before any work begins. These estimates should be honest and fair. With upfront pricing, you won’t be surprised by unexpected costs. Your contractor should walk you through all the costs and fees prior to the start of any repair or replacement service. Once you get your estimates, shop around. Speak to other highly rated contractors to compare costs and quality. Don’t go with the lowest estimate if the company is not well rated online. Spending more money upfront for quality workmanship saves you a lot of frustration and costs down the road. Read the written proposal carefully and make sure the costs are clearly explained before you sign anything.

If a contractor doesn’t come to your home to conduct measurements and a full evaluation, they are not reputable. You should expect a contractor to visit your home to inspect your current system and perform measurements before any estimate is provided for replacement. After a full inspection, your technician will assess what size and type of unit are needed to meet the home’s needs. Your duct system and insulation will also need to be evaluated to find the best fit. The right contractor will spend the time getting to know your home before the job begins to get things right.

Working with a company that has special offers will help you keep costs down. Don’t be afraid to call your HVAC company and ask about any current coupon offers. Since HVAC units are a large cost for homeowners, look for any specials and rebates that will help out. Your technician should walk you through all of your rebates, warranty, and other savings options.

HVAC systems are one of the most important household features and must be installed, repaired, maintained the right way. In Indianapolis, IN and the surrounding areas, Bowers Heating and Cooling is a trusted HVAC contractor with over 10 years of industry experience. Call us at (317) 853-9704 for inquiries.

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