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Insights From Your AC Repair Contractor

Don’t Ignore Knocking Noises on Your AC

We’ve all heard the occasional clicking, clanking, or banging from our air conditioning systems over the years, especially if the system is relatively old. If left unaddressed, though, ignoring this knocking can lead to a few serious problems, which is why you should always take the time to get your air conditioning serviced by your trusted AC repair contractor right away. Here are the dangers of overlooking a knocking air conditioning system:

Poor Air Flow

If knocking noises from your system are being overlooked, the airflow in your home could suffer. That’s because the system will be forced to work harder than usual to reach your desired temperature. As a result, you may be left feeling uncomfortable and the air in your home might not be as clean as it should.

Your Family’s Health

When you overlook a malfunctioning air conditioning system, it can create a range of health problems for your family. It could be something as minor as dry skin, but it can also lead to serious respiratory problems like asthma, bronchitis, and more.

Possible Fire Hazard

Being able to hear a knocking noise is one thing, but ignoring it could lead to something much more serious – a fire hazard. That’s because any broken motors or overloaded circuit boards will be able to cause some serious damage to your system, potentially setting your home ablaze.

You should always take the time to get your AC system serviced when you hear a knocking noise. Bowers Heating and Cooling is a great option for any air conditioning repair. We are the AC repair contractor in Indianapolis, IN that will ensure that your system is properly inspected, repaired, and maintained so you can stay cool and comfortable all summer long. For inquiries, dial (317) 207-6626!