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The Most Common Issues With Traditional Gas Furnaces That Need Immediate Furnace Repair Service

Problems Frequently Found With Conventional Gas Furnaces

Up to 89% AFUE (annual fuel usage efficiency) is considered to be a conventional gas furnace. These are frequently older, noncondensing furnaces that vent exhaust gases through chimney flues rather than PVC piping and may still have standing pilot lights. Here are some typical issues that a traditional gas furnace may run into and might need immediate help from a professional furnace repair contractor.

Frequent On/Off Cycles of the Furnace

Address a gas furnace that often cycles on and off, sometimes known as “short cycling,” to save money on energy and avoid damage to your furnace. This action could be common and required to maintain a pleasant temperature in your house during really cold weather. Otherwise, it might be a sign that something is wrong with your furnace. There are many potential reasons to look into, such as a clogged exhaust vent, a filthy filter, or a broken thermostat.

Noise from Furnace

It’s nearly always a sign of a developing issue with your furnace, and if you ignore it, it might cost you money to fix. Depending on the situation, you can hear low-pitched buzzing, loud hammering, or high-pitched screeching. While you can solve some issues on your own, calling a professional as soon as possible may end up saving you money in the long run. Replacing the filter—a blockage may be the source of the noise—and lubricating the blower motor are two possible straightforward fixes.

Pilot Light Is Out

On older furnaces, a strong draft, a dirty orifice in the pilot burner, or dirt in the gas tube can all cause the standing pilot light to go out. Or the thermocouple could be broken, which would cause the gas supply to be cut off. The pilot light dying is one of the most frequent reasons for a gas furnace not producing heat. Fortunately, relighting your pilot light is not too difficult. Additionally, replacing a thermocouple that is broken is simple.

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